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Welcome to the AstroStereo recordings internet site.

Not affiliated with American Airlines. AstroStereo is NOT a registered Trade Mark amazingly enough.

You don't need a personal Jumbo Jet to enjoy airline music, just an MP3 player will bring you genuine AstroStereo sound as originally heard on American Airlines. Great travelling music for car, semi-truck, speed boat or power walking.

How to obtain copies of these programs




All of these are available as MP3 files (less non-public domain compositions) in our fabulous library of fine recordings.


AstroStereo - Exactly as heard on American Airline flights from 1965 - 1971, perfect for that new MP3 player in the SUV. 3 Hour programs, voice announced [except as noted] like a radio show. The early Angel programs had numerous technical impairments, apparently EMI was overloaded with new productions then. I have fixed them as best possible and fortunately the quality improved dramatically after 1965.

MP3PD2-005 Program 05, March 1965 flights, Angel recordings [not announced]
MP3PD2-006 Program 06, May 1965 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-007 Program 07, June 1965 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-008 Program 08, July 1965 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-009 Program 09, August 1965 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-012 Program 12, November 1965 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-014 Program 14, January 1966 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-015 Program 15, February 1966 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-016 Program 16, March 1966 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-017 Program 17, April 1966 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-018 Program 18, May 1966 flights, Westminster and Command recordings [not announced]
MP3PD2-020 Program 20, July 1966 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings [not announced]
MP3PD2-023 Program 23, October 1966 flights, Vanguard
MP3PD2-027 Program 27, February 1967 flights, Nonesuch recording
MP3PD2-029 Program 29, April 1967 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-030 Program 30, May 1967 flights, Decca recordings
MP3PD2-032 Program 32, July 1967 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-035 Program 35, October 1967 flights, Command and Westminster recordings
MP3PD2-038 Program 38, January 1968 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-039 Program 39, February 1969 flights, Vanguard recordings
MP3PD2-041 Program 41, April 1968 flights, Decca recordings
MP3PD2-045 Program 45, August 1968 flights, Deutsche Grammaphon Gesellschaft recordings
MP3PD2-046 Program 46, September 1968 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-049 Program 49, December 1968 flights, Vanguard recordings
MP3PD2-050 Program 50, January 1969 flights, Seraphim recordings
MP3PD2-052 Program 52, March 1969 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-054 Program 54, May 1969 flights, Decca recordings
MP3PD2-056 Program 56, July 1969 flights, Deutsche Grammaphon Gesellschaft recordings
MP3PD2-057 Program 57, August 1969 flights, Vanguard recordings
MP3PD2-059 Program 59, October 1969 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-060 Program 60, November 1969 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-061 Program 61, December 1969 flights, Nonesuch redcordings
MP3PD2-062 Program 62, January 1970 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-063 Program 63, February 1970 flights, Vanguard recordings
MP3PD2-064 Program 64, March 1970 flights, Nonesuch recordings
MP3PD2-065 Program 65, April 1970 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-066 Program 66, May 1970 flights, Decca recordings
MP3PD2-067 Program 67, June 1970 flights, Vanguard recordings
MP3PD2-068 Program 68, July 1970 flights, Angel recordings
MP3PD2-070 Program 70, September 1970 flights, Mercury and Philips recordings
MP3PD2-071 Program 71, October 1970 flights, Nonesuch recordings
MP3PD2-076 Program 76, March 1971 flights, London Phase 4 recordings

Continental Airlines classical programs, 90 minute length from 1966. "Music to Jet by" Only program 9 was announced, so information on the other programs is very sketchy. They contain many contemporary works most likely not in the public domain. Program 8 starts with the Continental Airline Theme (kettle drum) as a jazz suite.

MP3PD2-201 Program 6, spring 1966, MGM and DGG recordings
MP3PD2-202 Program 7, summer 1966, MGM and DGG recordings
MP3PD2-203 Program 8, fall 1966
MP3PD2-204 Program 9, winter 1966, DGG/Arkive recordings
MP3PD2-205 Program 10, spring 1967
How did we come by these tape recordings? They were purchased from private collections or on eBay. After each flight, they were sold to the public for the AstroNomical price of $23.95. Ampex listed them in their pre-recorded tape sales catalog along with similar (but shorter and more economical) Continental Airlines tapes. They were also listed in the monthly Harrison guide to recorded tapes and the Stereotape catalogs. Because of the length of the recordings, they were never pressed as a stand alone LP record, however all of the music was available on LPs individually. Believe it or not, we actually had more of these but they were too decrepit to make the transfer to MP3.

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